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Impulse V100


Impulse V100
840 kg
Weight without suspension

Base Plate Area, m2


Frequency, Hz


Compacting force, t

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Vibration rammer Impulse V100 (compactor) is a replaceable mounted hydraulic equipment for single-bucket excavators.

It is used for compaction of various types of soil (sand, gravel, crushed stone, asphalt, thawed soil), in the arrangement of various construction sites, in the arrangement of trenches for various purposes (for communications, foundations, etc.), in planning works, for various road works, repair and construction works.

Pulse frequency and ramming force of the Impulse V100 vibration rammer ensures high productivity and quality of works performed. The versatility and low requirements for the hydraulic circuit of the carrier machine enable using Impulse V100 on most models of single-bucket excavators of all well-known manufacturers.

The delivery package includes:

  • Vibration rammer
  • Adapter plate
  • Set of high-pressure hoses for connection to the excavator hydraulic circuit
  • Flow controller

The applicability of this equipment is limited only by the load capacity of the carrier machine and the presence of a hydraulic circuit. It is recommended to use this equipment on excavators with a bucket capacity of at least 0.6 m³ and weight of at least 12 tons.

Number of pulses per minute2250
Excavator weight, t14-25
Weight (with suspension), lb2315.25
Weight (with suspension), kg1050
Weight without suspension, lbs1852.2
Weight without suspension, kg840
Compaction volume, m³1
Compaction plate size, inch54,3*36,2
Base Plate Area, ft sq12.91
Base Plate Area, m21.2
Oil flow, gpm40
Oil flow, l/min150
Frequency, Hz34.1
Operating pressure, bar160-230
Model nameVibrating Compactor Impulse V100
Compacting force, t8-11
Excavator weight, tonne15,4-22,7