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Impulse US2800 U-shaped


2800 mm
Operating width W min
2800 mm

Working width, mm


Total width W max, mm

Price on request Sale

The U-shaped snow blade is used for cleaning the pavement from snow. Due to special shape of the edge, snow is accumulated inside the blade and you can carefully clean streets and areas. The replaceable bottom edge is made of reinforced rubber or wear-resistant steel grades. The blade is opened, closed and turned mechanically or hydraulically.

Model nameU-shaped Snow Blade US2800
Weight, lbs3373.65
Wing height, mm1000
Wing height, inch39.4
ApplicabilityBHL, Wheeled loaders, Telescopic handlers
Weight, kg1530
Operating width W min, inch110.23
Operating width W min, mm2800
Width, mm2800
Width, inch110.2
Working width, mm2800
Working width, inch110.2
Rotation angle, °30
Width at an angle, mm2400
Width at an angle, inch94.5
Total width W max, mm2400
Total width W max, inch94.48