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Impulse VP500

Impulse VP500
220-240 l/min
Oil flow

Frequency, (turns/min.)


Centrifugal force, kN


Amplitude, mm

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Hydraulic vibratory pile driver Impulse VP500

Vibratory pile driver with hydraulic drive Impulse VP500 is designed to be installed on a carrier machine with integrated hydraulic system (excavator, drilling rig, etc.) for driving and extraction various types of piles:

  • steel sheet pile (Z-, U - shaped, flat, etc.);
  • pipe pile;
  • sheet pile;
  • steel pipe;
  • wooden pile;
  • plastic/composite sheet pile;
  • beam (I-beam, channel bar, etc.).

The maximum weight and length of the pile elements depends on the ground conditions at the work site.

In combination with a removable ramming plate, Impulse VP500 is suitable for compacting the soil surface layer (increasing the load-bearing capacity).
The delivery package includes:

  • Vibratory pile driver with hydraulic drive Impulse VP500
  • Head clamp for sheet piles
  • Rotary adapter (shackle)
  • Set of high-pressure hoses for connection to the carrier machine hydraulic line
  • Drain line for the carrier machine retrofit
  • Operating and maintenance manual

Static (eccentric) torque, 8 kgm

Rotation speed, rpm 2700

Centrifugal force, 639 kN

Amplitude, 12 mm

Maximum pressure, 300 bar

Hydraulic power, 121 kW

Oil flow, 220-240 l/min

Total weight with a clamp, 1400 kg

Maximum driving/extraction force, 22,500 kg, 155 kN

Excavator weight, 25-40 t

Model nameHydraulic Vibratory Pile Driver Impulse VP500
Total weight with a clamp, kg1400
Total weight with a clamp, lbs49612.5
Maximum driving / extracting force, kg22500, kN - 155
Excavator weight, t25-40
Static (eccentric) moment, kg*m8
Frequency, (turns/min.)2700
Centrifugal force, kN639
Amplitude, mm12
Amplitude, inch0.47
Maximum pressure, bar250
Hydraulic power, kW121
Oil flow, l/min220-240
Oil flow, gpm58-90
Excavator weight, tonne27,5-44