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Impulse RB-15-900-0,65

Impulse RB-15-900-0,65
900 mm
1010 kg

Capacity (SAE), cub. M


Machine size, t

Price on request Sale

Operating conditions:

  1. The bucket is designed for development of dispersed cohesive and non-cohesive soils with a density of up to 2.0 t/m³;
  2. The maximum permissible size of the material fraction is 120 mm.

Hardox in My Body is a guarantee of Hardox wear-resistant high-strength steel usage and compliance of production processes with international standards.

Hardox steel (Sweden) is the best among its analogues in terms of hardness to impact strength ratio. This makes Hardox the only wear-resistant steel in the world that can withstand intense shock loads when operating at ambient temperatures as low as -40 °C.

Model nameRB-15-900-0,65
Capacity (SAE), cub. M0.65
Capacity (SAE), cub. Ft22.95
Width, mm900
Width, inch35.43
Weigth, kg1010
Weigth, lbs2227.05
Machine size, t12-18
Machine size, tonnes (US)13-20