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Impulse FD 600 SSL


Impulse FD 600 SSL
60 pc
Number of teeth
950 kg

Planing width, mm

Price on request Sale

This type of attachment is designed for asphalt and concrete pavement treatment before cold-milling pothole repair. The road milling machines are also used for removing road marking, raised rib marking and slope trimming.


  • No elevation difference between adjacent passageways due to use of independent adjustment of the supporting skids;
  • Even if the miller is installed out of line, a clear milling depth and a predictable speed of asphalt removal is provided by the self-leveling system built in the basic equipment;
  • No vibration of the loader and protection against asphalt chips flying due to the rigid closed structure of the equipment;
  • Reduced equipment downtime and easier maintenance owing to a well-thought design;
  • Maximum reliability and, hence, high productivity of equipment due to the direct drive of the milling drum;
  • Predictable result and fine-tuning of equipment for specific tasks: milling, demarking or cutting junctions through continuous adjustment of the milling depth;
  • Asphalt milling closely to the curb is enabled by the continuous drum offsetting system.
CompatibilitySkid-steer loader
Oil flow, gpm31,7-42,3
Oil flow, l/min120-160
Operating pressure, bar180-210
Number of teeth, pc60
Weight, lb2094.75
Weight, kg950
Lateral misalignment 8 degreesOptional
Side Shift AdjustmentMechanical
Depth adjustmentMechanical
Planing depth, inch0-5,9
Planing depth, mm0-150
Planing width, inch23.62
Planing width, mm600