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Impulse 450S

Impulse 450S
1580 kg
Breaker weight
135 mm
Tool diameter

Tool operating length, mm


Maximum pressure, bar


Impact Energy, J

Price on request Sale

Hydraulic breaker Impulse 450S (S series) is a heavy hydraulic breaker designed to work on crawler full-turn machines in the harshest operating conditions.

The main design feature of the hydraulic breaker is an all-welded body and all-cast box made of self-sealing high-strength steel. The design of the box provides for use of fangs for turning and positioning the oversized parts, which is important for the open-pit operations.

The self-sealing material of the box extends the service life up to 3 times.

The all-welded housing ensures rigidity and reliability of the structure and low noise level, which enables using the hydraulic breaker in places with noise restrictions.

Impact block tie rods are not used in the design of the hydraulic breaker, which helps avoid possible downtime of the hydraulic breaker for tightening or replacement the bolts.

Process hatches in the hydraulic breaker housing provide for necessary adjustments, refueling and connections without involving additional resources and special means.

The energy and frequency of impacts of the Impulse 450S hydraulic breaker can be adjusted depending on the material being destroyed, which enables to achieve maximum performance with both super-hard rocks (e.g., granite) and soft rocks (e.g., limestone).

Our equipment is efficiently functioning REGARDLESS of your operating conditions!

Applicability matrix
TerexTerex TC210 LC, Terex TC225, Terex TC225 LC, Terex TC260 LC
New HollandMH4.6/5.6/6.6/8.6 MHCITY, MHPlusC, MHPLUS, E175, E195, E200SR, E195, E200SR, E215LC, E235SR, E245, E265LC
HyundaiROBEX 140W-7, R170W-7, R200W-7, 140LC-7, R160LC-7, R180LC-7, R210LC-7, ROBEX 200W-7, R250LC-7, R290LC-7
HitachiZAXIS 160W, ZX160LC, ZX200LC, ZX230LC, ZX170W-3, ZX180W, ZX190W-3 ZX210W, ZX210W-3, ZX180LC-3, ZX200LC-3, ZX-225LC-3, ZAXIS 200LC, ZX230LC, ZX270LC, ZX240LC-3, ZX250LC-3
CaterpillarM315D, M318D, 320DL, 320DL, 324DL, 325DL
KomatsuKomatsu PW160-7, PW200-7, PW220-7, PC200-7, PC220-7, PC300-7
JCBJS-160, JS-180, JS-200, JS-210, JS-220, JS-240JS-260, JS-290
DAEWOO-DOOSANS175LC-V /225/255 S180W-V /210, S225LC-V /300 S210W-V
VolvoEW160C, EW180C, EC160B, EC180B, EW180C, EC210B, EC240B
CaseCX180B, CX210B WX165, WX185, CX210B, CX210 NLC, CX230B, CX240B, CX290B
RussiaTVEX EK-18, ET-18, ET-25, ET-26 (KIT), EO-33211, VEX-20K, EO-4225A, EO-4321B, ATEK-881, ATEK-881, KRANEKS EK-240, EK-270
HIDROMEKHMK 200W-2, HMK 220LC-2, HMK 200W-2, HMK 300LC
HYDREMAM1520C, M1700C, M1700C
Model nameImpulse 450S
Tool operating length, mm764
Tool operating length, inch30.08
Maximum pressure, bar180-200
Breaker length without tool, without mounting plate, mm1505
Breaker length without tool, without mounting plate, inch59.25
Breaker weight, kg1580
Breaker weight, lb3483.9
Tool diameter, mm135
Tool diameter, inch53.14
Impact Energy, J5290
Impact frequency, bpm400-800
Operating pressure, bar160-180
Oil flow, l/min130-150
Oil flow, gallon/min28,5-33