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Impulse 120J Classic (for JCB)

Impulse 120J Classic (for JCB)
265 kg
Breaker weight
68 mm
Tool diameter

Tool operating length, mm


Maximum pressure, bar


Impact Energy, J

Price on request Sale

We would like to introduce the hydraulic breaker for JCB 3CX/4CX/5CX – Impulse 120J Classic. This is a modification of the legendary hydraulic breaker Impulse 120 Classic designed specifically for JCB backhoe loaders.

This model is free of a separate suspension and has all-in-one design including jaws, which ensures rigidity and high reliability of the structure. Hydraulic breaker Impulse 120J Classic has a number of advantages as compared to the base model:

  • the most affordable price on the market;
  • simpler and more reliable design;
  • the housing ensures the correct transportation position of the hydraulic breaker;
  • less time-consuming maintenance (you don't need to tighten the suspension bolts and replace them in case of wear).

Benefits of Impulse Classic hydraulic breakers:

  • No tie through-bolts, which prevents scoring of piston and sleeve.
  • The working tool bushing is one-piece and has an extended service life up to 30%.
  • Possibility to install a hydraulic accumulator (option).
  • The jaws are made of high-strength reinforced steel QUEND with strength and wear resistance up to 20% higher.
  • Pressing force is 2 times lower; it provides fast start and perfect positioning.
  • Consumables are quickly replaced without use of presses and special pullers.
  • Special anti-corrosion coating of the striker reduces the risk of corrosion in case of deviations in the storage conditions.
  • A wide range of products and continuous availability on stock.
  • Hydraulic breaker is assembled in Russia with the use of imported components (seals, spool pair, charging valve, etc.) from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • Impulse hydraulic breakers are exported to Australia, South Africa, China, Italy and Brazil.

Warranty - 24 months.

Open housing type

Pneumatic-hydraulic accumulator: none

Model nameImpulse 120J Classic for JCB
Pneumo-hydro accumulatorn/a
Dust sealn/a
Underwater operationn/a
Hydraulic breaker typepiston type breaker
Carrier modelJCB 3CX/4CX
Tool operating length, mm400
Tool operating length, inch15.75
CompatibilityCompatible with BHL JCB 3CX, 3CX Super и 4CX
Maximum pressure, bar200
Body typeopen
Carrier weight, t4-9
Carrier weight, tonnes (American)4,5-10
Breaker weight, kg265
Breaker weight, lb584.32
Tool diameter, mm68
Tool diameter, inch26.77
Impact Energy, J850
Impact frequency, bpm450-900
Operating pressure, bar90-130
Oil flow, l/min30-50
Oil flow, gallon/min6,6-11