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Impulse TB2000 Diagonal


Impulse TB2000 Diagonal
2000 mm
Operating width W min
2000 mm

Working width, mm


Total width W max, mm

Price on request Sale

The utility snow blade produced by Impulse Technology Cluster is designed for removing snow masses on any surfaces without damaging the surfaces.

Our developers have included the anti shock system in the snow blade design.

The system prevents damage of the blade and the components of the carrier machine when encountering super-tough obstacles, such as sewage hatches.

Model nameDiagonal Snow Blade TB2000 / TB2000G
Weight, lbs540 / 595
ApplicabilitySkid-steer loaders
Rotation mechanismmechanical / hydraulic
Weight, kg245 / 270
Operating width W min, inch78.74
Operating width W min, mm2000
Width, mm2000
Width, inch78.74
Working width, mm2000
Working width, inch78.74
Rotation angle, °30
Width at an angle, mm1730
Width at an angle, inch68.1
Total width W max, mm1730
Total width W max, inch68.11