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Vibratory pile driver Impulse in construction of the bridge in the Novgorod region

Vibratory pile driver Impulse VP310 is employed in construction of a bridge in the Pestovo town, Novgorod region. The equipment operates on the water-flood ground, where this solution is especially effective.

VP310 is a proven and reliable equipment of a classic design. The vibratory pile driver will be used in conjunction with the new Volvo EW205D wheel excavator for driving Larsen sheet piles.

Given that the basic machine in the factory configuration did not provide for the necessary power of the hydraulic system, the company's service engineers upgraded it. Hydraulic line of the wheel excavator Volvo EW205D was specially upgraded through consolidation of flows without detriment to the working elements of the machine.

Service engineers supervised installation and commissioning at the customer's facility and trained operators to work with hydraulic equipment.