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The next hydraulic breaker Impulse 120 proves its top position!

At the request of the customer operating the Impulse 120 Classic+ hydraulic breaker, Technopark Impulse plant experts brought a more powerful model in the line – the Impulse 150 Classic+ to the site for comparison.

The impact block of the Impulse 150 Classic+ hydraulic breaker was installed in the jaws of the lighter same-class product.

The new Impulse 120 and 150 models of the Classic+ series have the following advantages:

  • pressing force is 2 times lower; it provides fast start and perfect positioning;
  • 12 mounting bolts of the distribution unit instead of 8 guarantee 100% securing;
  • innovative cylinder manufacturing technology with the use of catalytic nitriding extends the service life of the striker-cylinder pair 2.5 times;
  • the striker anti-corrosion coating provides a guaranteed protection until the first start-up;
  • the membrane-type accumulator smoothens out pressure surges, thereby protecting the excavator hydraulic system and the breaker hydraulic components.

After comparing the hydraulic breakers on the asphalt overburden, the customer chose the model 120. While breaking the light-weight materials, high frequency of the Impulse 120 enables to achieve greater productivity compared to the hydraulic breaker with higher impact energy values. In combination with the above advantages, the Impulse 120 Classic+ is the most popular hydraulic breaker today among our customers!