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The best hydraulic attachment of the year

Hydraulic breaker Impulse S300 Classic has won the Best Attachment of the Year nomination in the Construction Equipment Innovations in Russia competition.

Construction Equipment Innovations in Russia is an nationwide competition designed to identify innovative technologies in construction equipment operated on the Russian market. The competition has been held as part of the Bauma CTT RUSSIA exhibition since 2019. The jury members are experts from the construction market and journalists from leading specialized publications.

Hydraulic breaker Impulse produced in Russia by Technopark Impulse is called the future of the hydraulic breaker industry. And that’s why.

The innovative design of the Impulse breaker has eliminated the need for through-bolts — one of the most common reason of equipment failure. Impulse uses round profile during manufacture instead of square profiles. It’s produced according to Impulse’s specification at one of the leading metallurgical enterprises in Russia.

This ensures high reliability of the breaker for future owners of Impulse due to monolithic design, reduced equipment weight and simplified service process. It is important to note that Technopark Impulse is the first manufacturer in the world to use a monolithic design in middle and large class hydraulic breakers.

The affordable price of hydraulic breaker is also a significant advantage. Due to the use of round profile, time of machining during production is reduced by 54% and the waste of metal is reduced by 56%. All this provides a significant reduction in the cost of the finished product.

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