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Technopark Impulse has expanded the line of hydraulic breakers

Technopark Impulse plant has recently introduced the line of hydraulic breakers Impulse Classic based on the Impulse classic models featuring a number of design innovations.

Impulse Classic hydraulic breakers are now available for full-turn wheeled and crawler excavators weighing from 18 to 40 tons. Hydraulic breakers of medium and heavy series Impulse 300/500/600 Classic have undergone the final tests and are being launched into mass production.

Like the light-weight models, the Impulse 300/500/600 Classic hydraulic breakers do not require a pressing force to start working, whereby the tool is positioned more steadily on the site. This in turn increases the productivity of the work and operator`s comfort.

In addition, the designers of the plant managed to relieve the consumers from the typical problem of foreign hydraulic breakers – failure of tie rods. One-piece cylinder without tie rods in the Impulse Classic hydraulic breakers improves reliability, performance and maintainability of the equipment.

Please also note another unique feature of the Impulse Classic: a guaranteed protection of the striker against corrosion even during long-term storage in adverse weather conditions.

Reliable, productive, and, most importantly, affordable hydraulic breakers Impulse Classic are waiting for their owners in the company's warehouse. They will prove their performance and efficiency in any operating conditions! Just check it!