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Strong support for the sports complex

The first stage of construction of a multifunctional sports complex for people with disabilities is underway in St. Petersburg.

Dismantling works are carried out with the help of hydraulic breakers Impulse 500 Classic. Both hydraulic breakers work on the basis of Caterpillar excavators, CAT320 and CAT318 models. Service engineers of the St. Petersburg branch made additional adjustments to the hydraulic lines of the attachments, installation and commissioning at the customer's facility.

Experts of St. Petersburg branch recommended Impulse Classic hydraulic breakers to be used at this facility for good reason. The upgraded line of the Technopark Impulse plant enables working with lower pressing force of the working tool and having protection against idle impact, which is especially important in demolition operations.

The main benefits of the new line are reliability, ease of maintenance and affordability. The plant designers committed to make a hydraulic breaker specially fit for Russian operating conditions and succeeded.