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Impulse - Hydraulic Attachments of the Future

LLC Technopark Impulse is a research and development company within Tradicia Group with full cycle of production. The only manufacturer of high-tech attachments in Russia: hydraulic breakers, vibratory pile drivers, breaker boom systems, compactors, cold planers and many more.

The company has a modern design bureau of 30 people, owns many patents, utility models and unique technical and technological solutions, a metallurgical laboratory and test benches, more than 250 units of metalworking machines and equipment, a thermochemical processing shop, a polyurethane foundry shop, a calibration laboratory for measuring instruments. Sightseeing tour of the 4 main plants of Technopark Impulse takes a full day.

Impulse Pile Driver

Research and development works are carried out within the walls of design bureau, resulting in mass-produced equipment of an original design with exceptional consumer properties. Impulse products are appreciated not only in Russia, but also worldwide — Germany, England, Poland, Canada, Brazil and other countries successfully operate Impulse products.

Hydraulic breaker is the flagship product of the company. One of the biggest challenges for Impulse is the demand for plant’s products exceeding supply. To solve it, an additional hydraulic breaker production site with an area of 3,700 square meters started operation in 2021. Investments in machine tools and equipment for the new workshop are measured in millions of dollars.

Impulse Pile Driver

The company has serious and well-founded ambitions. To ensure full import substitution of the entire line of piston-type hydraulic breakers by 2023. Today, the company has everything necessary to accomplish this task. Tested by time and well proved breaker design is the product of 20 years of hard work and huge investments. Own production facilities and workshops, all necessary technologies and established processes, time-tested metal and material suppliers, quality control, an established sales network, modern creative advertising, strategic marketing, well-trained united team of like-minded people. And most importantly — Impulse and the will to win!

The most important vector in development of the company today is the creation of innovative products with new, previously inaccessible consumer properties. For example, the operation of a hydraulic breaker without time limits, complete absence of piston corrosion, replacement of a tool bushing in the field conditions, and much more.

Impulse Pile Driver

The implementation of these solutions will give the best return on every cent invested in Impulse attachments. Firstly, this will ensure the growth of profitability of customers’ business. And secondly, a greater contribution of construction companies to the development of the country — through an increase in the efficiency of the construction of civil and industrial structures, the extraction of materials, cleaning up territories and repairing roads.