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Mission and strategy

Technopark Impulse mission

We design and manufacture attachments that enhance performance of the road-construction and open-pit machines and increase opportunities for our customers to succeed in their work.

Philosophy of Technopark Impulse operations

The priority for each employee is timely implementation of the production plan with consistently high quality of products

Continuous prevention of all types of losses and improvement of production technologies to reduce production costs and optimize utilization of production resources

Improvement of the enterprise management system

Improvement of processes and operations basing on the best world practices

Forming an effective team and creating a comfortable environment for human potential development

Our values

People. We build relations with people based on the principles of mutual respect, trust and responsibility.

Development. We go beyond the limits, we know that any hurdles can be overcome.

Quality is the best guarantee of a customer’s loyalty. This is our best competitive advantage and the only way to sustainable growth and income.

Quality policy

Quality is the top-priority objective of the company in general and of each individual employee

Quality is appreciated and assessed by the customer

Quality is achieved through preventive rather than corrective actions

Quality relies on cooperation with suppliers and partners

Quality starts with each workplace