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Impulse Side plate for compactor


Impulse Side plate for compactor

Blades are compatible with all models of Impulse vibration rammers.

The robust, modular design with the use of thick Hardox sheet steel is designed for long-term operation, is installed without special skills and requires minimum of tools. The blade is rigidly fixed to the upper body, without touching the dynamically loaded bottom part, using the fasteners included in the kit, and does not affect the compacting force of the vibration rammer.

High resistance to frontal and lateral forces enables rough grading. The equipment is especially effective for arrangement of trenches bottom cushion and pits with subsequent compaction. There is no need to use additional labor and small-scale power-driven aids, which increases the overall safety of the process and project savings.

Beside its intended use, it has an option of moving (pushing) the objects on the construction site, without the need to dismantle the attachment.

Model nameSide plate for compactor