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Impulse L700 for curb

Impulse L700 for curb
45 kg
750 mm
Working width

Price on request Sale


The tray brush is installed on the standard points of the hopper brush Impulse SP1850B/SP1850BS

Increased cleaning width up to 2550 mm

Cleaning of tricky surfaces - curb areas and cleaning above the road level - sweeping from curbs

Floating dual-axis suspension enables to replicate the curb shape and line

It is possible to install metal and combined bristles

Adjustment of the curb brush rotation speed

Model nameSweeper brush for curb Impulse L700
Brush diameter, mm700
Brush diameter, inch27.55
Weight, kg45
Weight, lbs99.225
Working width, inch29.52
Working width, mm750
ApplicabilitySweeper brush with dust collector Impulse SP1850B/SP1850BS