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Start winter season in full armor: the plant introduces a new utility equipment

For the 2020 season, the Russian plant Technopark Impulse presented new products on the market of winter utility equipment – the snow blade Impulse TB3400 and the snowplow Impulse SR2100. The key advantage of the both products is the increased cleaning width.

The blade Impulse TB3400 can be mounted on any equipment: telescopic, front-end loaders and backhoe loaders. The blade width is 3400 mm, bigger than any width offered by domestic and imported analogues, which enables removing snow better and faster.

The blade is available in two versions: with mechanical and hydraulic turning. The hydraulic turning saves time for equipment adjusting during operation and reduces fuel consumption. High-quality wear-resistant steel is used for the Impulse blade production, including Hardox steel, which guarantees increased strength.

The product is equipped with a rubber edge for pavement and blade protection against damage. It is possible to install a metal edge for ice cleaving upon the customer’s request.

Another manufacturer’s novelty is Impulse SR2100 auger snowplow for a mini loader. The auger snowplow can boast a powerful hydraulic motor that improves snow release up to 15 m and the increased cleaning width of 2100 mm, surpassing all competitors on the market.

The manufacturer has made it possible to operate the equipment on the machinery without the High Flow system. Therefore, the SR2100 auger snowplow is suitable for many popular loaders. A replaceable metal edge for ice chipping can be installed on the equipment as a customized solution.

The capabilities of the new utility machine Impulse will be appreciated by municipal organizations, builders, agricultural enterprises and companies that operate large sites.

The equipment is available in stock. Enjoy the productive and efficient work!